The Box Band are from Cardiff and began their musical journey in June 2014.  Open the box and prepare to be presented with a marvellous musical trip around the world!
For your entertainment & delight they offer a veritable feast of Pan-Celtic, Eastern European & American folk music.  It will all
be let out of the box… just for you! Featuring excellent musicians from notable bands such as
Whiskey River , The Blue Horses, Baton Rouge, The Midland Aces, The Swamp Devils,  Jelly Roll Jones , The Bucket Band, The Bourbon Boys and
The Howling Sleepers this is a unique musical experience not to be missed. Expect an eclectic
range of vibrant world music expertly played on their very own favourite selection of wonderful
“musical boxes”.
Their debut album "Open The Box" was released in May 2015 and can be purchased at gigs and by mail order (for details contact them by email)
The Box Band are:
Aidan Sheehan on Cajun Box, Harmonica, Mandolin, Whistle and Lead vocals.
Emily Grainger on Fiddle.
Karl Craddock on Guitars, Banjo, Drums and Backing vocals.
Paul Rogers on Bass